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Still Flying After All These Years!

2014 August 11
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Just a note to explain a little history. It was about 2002 when I began flying with Rusty. I went up solo many times, but then convinced my groom in 2007 to try it. My niece Patti and my friend Andrea went up with me in 2006. My goal has been to fly for each decade of my life. I’m now 75 and caught up with that, so I guess I’ll just keep going! As I sit here in Iowa writing this, I’m dreaming of all the wonderful experiences I’ve had flying with Kitty Hawk Kites and Parasail OBX. I took my 8th flight this spring (2014) and enjoyed the peace and quiet at 1,200 feet overlooking the Outer Banks, Manteo and the bay. I can’t wait to go up again and I will always choose the 1,200. I’ve flown single, double, and triple–all fun and very, very enjoyable. The crew is great and we love Rusty! Thanks for the great fun!

by Ruth Anne Schneck (Waterloo, Iowa)

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