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Barefoot way up high in the sky!

2013 May 13
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

As I drove down the road (windows open, belting out old Simon & Garfunkel tunes) a billboard caught my eye. Kitty Hawk kites…hmmm…pictures that seemed to ensure wonderful adventures. I pulled over and called. I was in the Outer Banks, taking 2 days of my solo road trip from Buffalo, NY, to enjoy the ocean. I had no plans, no expectations, knowing that I would be happy doing anything, or nothing. When Laura (I found out her name later) answered the phone, I explained that I was in a wheelchair, and wondered if their dolphin boats were accessible(I was hoping for something a bit quicker paced, but was really trying to be grateful for whatever opportunity would work) After a few minutes of chatting with her, (mentioning that I was looking for an adventure, on my adventure) she excitedly said “Hey, I have something for you! Would you ever want to go hang gliding?!” I quickly answered yes (despite having no idea what hang gliding even was!), and we began to figure out the details. After hanging up, and plugging the address she gave me into the gps, I was on my way. I think I bounced in the lovely gel cushion seat of my wheelchair, the entire way there. Now…I had been skydiving last summer, and as much as I was excited for this hang gliding experience, I never thought anything could top jumping out of a plane. I seem to have a bit of a reputation for being a tad crazy, so seeing as I was alone, and quite far from home, I decided to only let one or two people know what adventure had “landed in my lap”, they would surely fret. When I arrived, and began to take in what this adventure would entail, I got a big goofy grin on my face (one that I am pretty sure is still present). I joined the few people that were waiting for their turn, as the excitement grew. Each and every person there was wonderful. From the pilot, workers, to the other flyers, one was nicer than the next. Usually when I show up places, the chair throws people for a bit of a loop, and I can almost see in their eyes worry, or doubt that I could do it. Not here! It was as if no one saw the chair, and seemed that they were almost as excited as I was at this incredible opportunity! Loading me up was a bit tricky, but, many hands make light work and before I knew it we were heading up! There are no words sufficient to express the joy that this flight brought. The view..impeccable. The air…glorious. The feeling of weightlessness, and no goofy muscles (or lack there of) holding me back…unreal! Soaring through the air, taking in the majesty of God’s creation, with a birds eye view of the Atlantic? A-Ma-Zing.

Hang gliding OBX 2013.jpg (180 KB)

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  1. Bart permalink
    May 13, 2013

    That’s our girl! Thrilled watching the video of her skydiving triumph but the hang gliding sequence was truly amazing. Having known her for a few years, I was not surprised at this latest caper. I know her as a very courageous and adventurous person who rarely let’s her limitations get in the way. Bravo! So honored to know you, and love you like my own.

  2. May 17, 2013

    kate…you forever amaze me…..peace and joy, don

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