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Moments like being a kid again…

2013 August 5

My husband and I visit Nags Head, NC almost every year.  Every year we walk into your store and he looks at the kites and says, “It would be cool to buy one.”  He always just walks out with a t-shirt.  In 2011 he walked into the store and of course he said the same thing.

NC-Nags Head

He looked at all the kites and read all the materials as usual. (We always end up spending an hour there.)  I finally told him that he has worked two jobs all year without a single day off and to reward himself with a kite.  So he did and we spent another hour picking out a kite.  Here are two pictures of his first run with that kite.

NC-Nags Head 2

Thank you for giving my husband that few moments of acting like a kid again. 🙂

Shannon and Seth Perry

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