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Discovering a new sport!!

2011 July 6
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Last week while on vacation I had the opportunity to go hang gliding and it was an experience I will never forget! I have been going to Outer Banks almost every
year since I was two and each year I would see people flying off the dunes. I always wanted to try it and this year I finally did it! But i couldn’t decide between the lessons at the dunes or the tandem ride 2000ft in the air, so why not do both! Both were experiences I will never forget. It was such a rush to run on the dunes and all of the sudden you were flying! I loved that feeling! I actually landed on my feet all by myself on my fourth run! The lesson was such an amazing experience. All of the instructors were so nice and helpful. They were very enthusiastic and very will to help and answer any questions. But luckily my hang gliding experience did not end. The next morning I got to do the tandem hang gliding which was amazing! It really made me feel like I was a bird. Everyone keeps asking me weren’t you scared or nervous? And no I wasn’t, not at all. I was so excited! I never once felt nervous, I loved every minute I got to spend in the air and especially that high. It was so cool to be up that high and to feel the wind. Hang gliding was the most exciting thing I have every done! I told my parents in a way it a good thing I did it at the end of our trip because I would have wanted to do it again! That would have meant spending my own money and money I don’t have. I loved it so much I have been watching videos about it and learning even more! So now I am saving my money and already planning my next trip to the Outer Banks. Although this time my trip will consist of the beach and hang gliding! Since I can’t wait til next summer I might even come during the winter break. I can’t wait til the next time I get to fly. I wish it would be tomorrow! Thanks Kitty Hawk for the amazing experience and I hope to see you very soon. Next time I come I hope to get my Hang 1 Certification!!!

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