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Kiteboarding: zero to…getting up

2011 August 17
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

i’ve taken a couple short kiteboarding lessons before a few years ago, but never really got anywhere.

I came to the outer banks this summer intent on finally getting over the hump with kiteboarding.

I signed up for the ‘camp’ which is two full days. Jim, the manager of the school, was super awesome.

I met Christyna, the petite (and beautiful!) instructor from the Czech Republic. Lucky for me she was extremely patient! The learning curve is steeper than surfing or wakeboarding or something like that; there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of places where you can get frustrated.

The first day was great with kite practice, body dragging, etc. The afternoon was light, so they gave me a ‘wind-check’.

The next day the wind was on so i was ready! Got on the board, did a power-stroke and BOOM! got up and hauled down the shore! awesome.

the afternoon was spent learning to edge, go the weak side, etc. Christyna was super patient and positive and it was a great experience.

Super stoked on the sport thanks to KHK! Would recommend to others!

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