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Favorite KHK Memory – Flying Cape Hatteras Light

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Flying the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse parafoil kite on the beach in Avon in May of this year was an absolute blast!!! Kity Hawk Kites had the best kites and the best employees to help us know which kite to buy for us beginners!! 🙂 THANK YOU!!

Favorite KHK Memory – Kiteboarding Inspiration

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

A year ago, I went to the outer banks for the first time. On a windy, cold rainy day in May, my wife and I decided to take a drive and find something interesting. We ended up at the Kitty Hawk Kites store in waves where I first saw Kiteboarding. I was able to take a few shots of others on the sound. After that, I dreamed of going back and kiting myself. Last week, I spent a week in Rondanthe, NC with my family. I was unable to kite this time, but went to the Waves store each night to capture some images. Here is one of my favorite images and by far my best memory of Kitty Hawk Kites (Until I return to do some kiting myself).


Expanding My World

2012 October 11
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

I love the folks at KHK. I had my first adventure with them in the spring of this year when my daughter-in-law and I went on the Maritime Forest Tour. I loved it so much I came home and bought a kayak and have spent the summer on local lakes!

I returned to the Outer Banks in early Oct. and had my first hang gliding lesson. Brian and Jimmy were awesome instructors and I had a blast. The weather was iffy as it had been raining but the wind was perfect. At the end of the second flight I was bouncing and chanting “Do it again!” I am 57 years old and I was acting like my 3 year old grandson! Felt like it too! Words cannot do justice to the experience. All week I have been telling anyone and everyone I FLEW!

I will be back! I do plan to continue learning about hang gliding so thank you wonderful people at KHK for expanding my world.

hanglider.jpg (236 KB)

Free as a Bird

2012 August 7
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Words can’t express how impressed I was with my experience with Kitty Hawk Kites. Twenty one years ago, I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. Despite my limitations, I have never wanted to be defined by my disability. I am very interested in trying new things and when I found out that it was possible for me to go parasailing, I was all for it. The staff was amazing at Kitty Hawk Kites and treated me like any other customer. My husband and I parasailed together and it was so great to be able to participate in a great adventure together!

217679_3070340737124_248425922_n.jpg (82 KB)


2012 August 4
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Bought my Delta Prism over a year ago and forgot all about it. As I was packing up yesterday I saw it in my bag. I just had to fly it before I left. So here is a picture of it flying over Main Operating Base Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province. Some British soldiers were asking if this is the latest American UAV. I will be leaving this with Afghan friend before I start my journey home tomorrow.

2012-08-03 22.43.10.jpg (1 MB)

The Amazing Maritime Forest Kayak Tour

2012 May 29
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Our group of seven found your maritime forest kayak tour to be quite the adventure for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. We were looking for a relaxing, informative and scenic way to enjoy a pristine aquatic environment like we hadn’t experienced before, and this tour certainly fulfilled that wish. Our guide, Adam, first conducted a brief training session and he was also extremely well versed in the plant and animal surroundings of the area. He presented his knowledge in an easy-to-understand, friendly way and welcomed questions from the group. In addition, Heather, the Kitty Hawk Kayaks manager of the 6150 North Croatan Highway location, was very responsive to our questions and was very concerned about making our experience a memorable one. I also commend Luke, the reservations manager, for helping to resolve a reservations issue.

DSCN1996.JPG (180 KB)

Memory of Lifetime!

2012 February 24
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

While on vacation in the Outer Banks in 2011 we gave our son choices of some activities he could do. He asked to go Hang Gliding so we scheduled the lesson. It was a beautiful afternoon–he was the youngest person in the class at 7, but he did really well. He followed directions and soared like a bird. It was by far his favorite thing about vacation. He still talks about it all the time and asked us to go back–he can’t wait to take another lesson. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to do something so amazing!

DSC_0423.JPG (1 MB)

Great Kiteboarding Coaches!

2011 October 17
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Over the Columbus Day weekend, my son and I took private lessons with Craig Young and John Gates. We went from flying the kite all the way to riding the board and had a great time. Time and money well spent. Craig helped us plan our next outing. We went down to KHK’s Rodanthe location, and the Team there was equally helpfull.
Thanks KHKs! Steve and Ben Luhrsen

Great Time Hang Gliding

2011 September 5
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

My Girlfriend and I had a great time hang gliding in NH!!! Louie, Rhett, and Eric are great employees and walk you through the entire process with ease.

I would recommend these guys anytime!

Tony & Patti

What a great way to spend a day!

2011 August 25
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Wow. I have always wanted to try hang gliding – it’s one of the things left on my bucket list – so I was excited to discover I could try it during my vacation to the Outer Banks. I was terrified the night before I went, but the instructors were so friendly, positive and encouraging that I was quickly put at ease. Every moment of the experience was fabulous, from the friendly, informative staff, to the beautiful day on the dunes (the sunset was spectacular!) to the hang gliding itself – my 10 year old would have loved it as much as the other children that were participating! Will Definitely do it again if I’m ever in the area, and would HIGHLY recommend it (no pun intended!!) Enjoy!!