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Noah, the 8 year old adventurer!

2013 August 1

This is our son, Noah-8 years old, riding the shark and climbing the rock walls this summer. He had a blast. Thanks for having such great summer activities for kids!

via Elaine Moore

Riding the shark at Kitty Hawk Surf Company:


Climbing the rock wall at Kitty Hawk Kites:




Charlie Learns To Fly!

2013 August 1

Kitty Hawk Kites will always have a special place in our hearts!  When we visited the OBX we gave our kids the choice to choose anything they wanted to do.  Charlie, who was 7 at the time, loves the Wright Brothers and wanted to hang glide.


He loved it and did an awesome job!  He was the youngest in his class and he did super!  He can’t wait to come back and hopes one day to be able to do your Hang Gliding Summer Camp!


Thank you for a memory of a lifetime!

Kim Pirnat

Legendary Customer Service!

2013 June 18
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

There’s a great story behind every day of kitesurfing. That’s especially true when you have the right gear and can concentrate solely on the water, wind, and waves.

Recently, I bought a wetsuit, via the internet, from Chris at Kitty Hawk Kites. As fate would have it, I made the wrong decision and the suit was not going to be warm enough for the waters in Northern California. Fearing that I’d have to either freeze this winter or pony-up for another wetsuit, I called Chris for advice.

While a lot of retailers could have simply said, “Sorry…you bought it, you own it”, Chris chose to ensure that I received exactly what I needed. He suggested a different suit and allowed me to return the one that wasn’t going to work. His concern for my experience with Kitty Hawk Kites and for my enjoyment in the water was his primary goal.

I have to say that the customer service I received was truly amazing and rare among retailers. Now I can concentrate on the wave I’m riding rather that cursing the cold.

So thanks Chris. You’ve won my trust and I’d feel comfortable recommending Kitty Hawk Kites to anyone!

Barefoot way up high in the sky!

2013 May 13
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

As I drove down the road (windows open, belting out old Simon & Garfunkel tunes) a billboard caught my eye. Kitty Hawk kites…hmmm…pictures that seemed to ensure wonderful adventures. I pulled over and called. I was in the Outer Banks, taking 2 days of my solo road trip from Buffalo, NY, to enjoy the ocean. I had no plans, no expectations, knowing that I would be happy doing anything, or nothing. When Laura (I found out her name later) answered the phone, I explained that I was in a wheelchair, and wondered if their dolphin boats were accessible(I was hoping for something a bit quicker paced, but was really trying to be grateful for whatever opportunity would work) After a few minutes of chatting with her, (mentioning that I was looking for an adventure, on my adventure) she excitedly said “Hey, I have something for you! Would you ever want to go hang gliding?!” I quickly answered yes (despite having no idea what hang gliding even was!), and we began to figure out the details. After hanging up, and plugging the address she gave me into the gps, I was on my way. I think I bounced in the lovely gel cushion seat of my wheelchair, the entire way there. Now…I had been skydiving last summer, and as much as I was excited for this hang gliding experience, I never thought anything could top jumping out of a plane. I seem to have a bit of a reputation for being a tad crazy, so seeing as I was alone, and quite far from home, I decided to only let one or two people know what adventure had “landed in my lap”, they would surely fret. When I arrived, and began to take in what this adventure would entail, I got a big goofy grin on my face (one that I am pretty sure is still present). I joined the few people that were waiting for their turn, as the excitement grew. Each and every person there was wonderful. From the pilot, workers, to the other flyers, one was nicer than the next. Usually when I show up places, the chair throws people for a bit of a loop, and I can almost see in their eyes worry, or doubt that I could do it. Not here! It was as if no one saw the chair, and seemed that they were almost as excited as I was at this incredible opportunity! Loading me up was a bit tricky, but, many hands make light work and before I knew it we were heading up! There are no words sufficient to express the joy that this flight brought. The view..impeccable. The air…glorious. The feeling of weightlessness, and no goofy muscles (or lack there of) holding me back…unreal! Soaring through the air, taking in the majesty of God’s creation, with a birds eye view of the Atlantic? A-Ma-Zing.

Hang gliding OBX 2013.jpg (180 KB)

Off Season Vistor

2012 November 8
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

In 1993, a friend of mine indicated that his brother-in-law owned a house in Avon, NC that we could use in November. The blue-fish were said to be running. We put 10 guys in a 1989 GMC Van and drove down from Philadelphia. The reason for the trip was to go blue-fishing but when we passed through Kitty Hawk, NC, we decided to stop at Kitty Hawk Kites (a must do for someone traveling nearby). I had always liked kites, flying single string box kites and kites my grandfather taught me to build out of strips of pine and newspaper, so I was looking for a nice one to fly while I was on the beach, just in case the fishing slowed. After a great conversion with another kite flyer (who just happened to be an employee of the store), I selected a Prism 2-line Stunt Kite and had a ball. It’s now 2012 and we had repeated the trip (with different guys and girls) every year since. I have continued to purchase a new kite or wind sock every year. I departed from Prism Kites for a couple of years as I worked my way through a number of trilby 6-pack kite purchases (stacked 24 before I switched to stacked Ions). Returning to stunt kites I now have a good selection of 3Ds, many Ions, a Spark 2, various parafoils and on the last trip, I purchased a Revolution (my first 4-line). Took a while to get that one to fly but it is quite fun when you learn the moves. One year, when I was unable to make the trip, my wife went on line and purchased the Prizm Fanatic for me and it too was quite fun.

This time of year is great because few people are on the beach so I can try the new tricks I learned watching uTube. Over the years, I have flown my kites on the coast of Florida, Avon, Hilton Head, Maui, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. While not only having fun, I have taught many people the basics and have met many new and interesting people. What a great sport. Fun is to be had with a kite from beginner to expert.

Steven Hutchins

Favorite KHK Memory – Lost Kite at the Beach

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

I loved getting to watch this sweet thing play on the beach for the first time. The world is her stage and that week she gave quite the performance in the sand! She also got to fly her first kite that day which ended up in the ocean!

Favorite KHK Memory – Hang Gliding Changed My Life

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

I was diagnosed with type I diabetes in 1983. For years I wanted to fly but was unable due to the fact I could not pass a flight medical exam. One day a military pilot made me aware of Section 103 of the AIM/FAR. This section allows anyone to fly ultra light aircraft. After looking at a few schools and taking into account my lifelong admiration of the Wright Brothers, there was no other choice but KHK. My first demo flight was one of the greatest moments of my life. Everyday out on the dune was a unique and thrilling experience. Growing into a pilot day after day on the dune was the most rewarding thing I will ever do. Being able to walk in the footsteps of the Wrights and then to follow them in the air was simply incredible. The day I was awarded my Hang one and I could finally call myself a pilot was the proudest of my life. My sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. I truly became a new persont that day. I cannot express my gratitude to Bruce and the staff of KHK for helping me realize my life’s ambition after years of frustration and disappointment. I’m a Dune Goon for life!!!



I’m really looking forward to returning to fly the Wright 1902 glider. I can’t wait!

William Scott Blake
USHPA Pilot #72673

Favorite KHK Memory – Florida Kite Festivals

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Photo of Destin Kite Festival in 2011 and Ft Walton Beach Kite Festival in 2011.

Favorite KHK Memory – The Bubble Machine

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

My son Bobby loves the bubble machine in the Kitty Hawk Kites Store! He was jumping and laughing and having so much fun with it, we just had to buy one! 🙂

Favorite KHK Memory – Hanging with Santa

2012 October 12
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

One of our favorite Kitty Hawk Kites memories is our kids visiting with Santa under the hang glider!