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Kitty Hawk Kite shop

2014 September 2
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

I’ve been to the kite shop 2 years now. It was busy every time I went in but always got exceptional service. Heather,Dd,Sam all went out of their way to get things not there or give advice.I can’t say enough about the experience just awesome.

Still Flying After All These Years!

2014 August 11
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

Just a note to explain a little history. It was about 2002 when I began flying with Rusty. I went up solo many times, but then convinced my groom in 2007 to try it. My niece Patti and my friend Andrea went up with me in 2006. My goal has been to fly for each decade of my life. I’m now 75 and caught up with that, so I guess I’ll just keep going! As I sit here in Iowa writing this, I’m dreaming of all the wonderful experiences I’ve had flying with Kitty Hawk Kites and Parasail OBX. I took my 8th flight this spring (2014) and enjoyed the peace and quiet at 1,200 feet overlooking the Outer Banks, Manteo and the bay. I can’t wait to go up again and I will always choose the 1,200. I’ve flown single, double, and triple–all fun and very, very enjoyable. The crew is great and we love Rusty! Thanks for the great fun!

by Ruth Anne Schneck (Waterloo, Iowa)

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Engagement on the Outer Banks, Many Thanks to Kitty Hawk Kites

2014 March 15
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

It’s taken me far too long to have written this story, and for that, Luke, and Kitty Hawk Kites, I apologize!

It all begins with my fiancee’s affinity for the Outer Banks. She and her family have been coming since she’s been a child. The beaches have been a tradition as far as she could remember.

So I felt this was a perfect place to plan our engagement. I decided I would contact Kitty Hawk Kites to see if they’d be able to bring my ideas to fruition. I quickly received a call from Luke Baer, who went above and beyond for me and my fiancee.

It was beautiful day, although a threat of rain. I had been in contact with Luke for about three hours this day, on August 3rd. We were driving down from an event in Virginia, and Luke had arranged for a Cessna tour over around the Outer Banks, prior to our cottage check-in.

For going on two hours now, he had been digging in the sand on the Ocean side, down near the Bodie Island Lighthouse. The finished product, Will you Marry Me, in the sand over 70 feet long.

My then girlfriend and I boarded our plane, and took flight. Unbeknownst to her, We hugged the coastline, my palms sweaty. Cruising to altitude… And then there it was.. “Honey, look!”


She said Yes.

So very excited, I don’t remember much more of that flight. It all flew by so fast. But, nonetheless, we had a fantastic week in Duck, all jump-started by this adventure.

And without Luke, Kitty Hawk Kites, and Barrier Island Aviation’s help, I probably would have just brought it up in conversation, as we walked down the beach.. (At least that’s what she thinks!)

Thank you, thank you, Kitty Hawk Kites, and thank you Luke. Forever, you guys will be part of our memories!

(And see you soon! We chose Duck as our Destination Wedding!)

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KHK Kiteboarding Adventure!

2013 August 5
by Kitty Hawk Kites Supporter

We had an amazing time learning how to kiteboard at Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort. The staff was very helpful and our instructor Mike was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We will definitely tell our friends and family that KHK is the best place to take kiteboarding lessons. We look forward to our next adventure with KHK!

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Summer Memory

2013 August 5
by asiler

My daughter seen here walking up Jockey’s Ridge to fly a kite we bought her for her birthday. We love seeing the kites out all and flying high!

photo copy 2


– Kim Dalgo

Passing on the memories at Kitty Hawk Kites!

2013 August 5
by asiler

I’ll share my first memory of the store.  First trip was in 1987, almost 20 years old and was thinking kites, really?  Thought I was too old for something like that, but after talking to someone there int he store, I bought one and went to Jockey’s Ridge to fly it and have been hooked ever since.


Many kites and 3 kids later, still flying kites and have passed the fun onto the next generation.  2 weeks ago I was up there once again, flying my parafoil at Jockey’s Ridge and at the Kite Festival.  Great times and great memories.





James Ravert

This photo still hangs on my wall…

2013 August 5
by asiler

Here is my instructor Bruce helping me thru my midlife crisis in October 1995 at the age of 48…my first moment of being airborne.  What a thrill!  Notice how beautifully color coordinated I was with the hang glider.


This picture still hangs on my wall. – Judy Latham

Moments like being a kid again…

2013 August 5

My husband and I visit Nags Head, NC almost every year.  Every year we walk into your store and he looks at the kites and says, “It would be cool to buy one.”  He always just walks out with a t-shirt.  In 2011 he walked into the store and of course he said the same thing.

NC-Nags Head

He looked at all the kites and read all the materials as usual. (We always end up spending an hour there.)  I finally told him that he has worked two jobs all year without a single day off and to reward himself with a kite.  So he did and we spent another hour picking out a kite.  Here are two pictures of his first run with that kite.

NC-Nags Head 2

Thank you for giving my husband that few moments of acting like a kid again. 🙂

Shannon and Seth Perry

Kitty Hawk Kites Memory – Summer’s Past!

2013 August 5

This memory comes from Susan Murtagh – a sunset flight and a walk on the dunes!



image001 copy

Adventures on the Outer Banks

2013 August 1

My husband & I went hang gliding a couple years back with your amazing group!  It was an awesome experience & we cant wait to do it again!


Here is another one you may like from last week…My husband had such a great time with the jet pack!  You guys are awesome!!!


Anytime anyone wants to have an adventure in OBX we recommend you. Thank you so much!

-Heather Bryson